fine art limited prints

Lino, 2019


SERIES #magnifyseeds

DIMENSION 60×60 cm


PRICE 500,00 €


TECHNICAL DATA fine art giclée print on Epson Stylus Pro 11880 with F•Paper Richard 305 gr/mq 100% cotton by TopColor Dream Buccinasco (Milano)




The project #magnifyseed is based on a series of pictures of edible seeds. A large amount of different seeds, without their shell, are arranged on a flat surface, shot from above with Hasselblad XCD 80mm lens and illuminated by two broncolor Picolite+Picobox flashes
by the side.

The idea to investigate the macro image of seeds comes from different considerations: from a photographic point of view, the way seeds are arranged on a surface creates interesting, sometimes hypnotic patterns, that allow geometrical details and color shades to emerge through the magnified framing. Seeds are no longer elements of the food context and become real artistic components that can generate new insights and perspectives.

Building on the photographic angle, the project evolves into the field of food design: this food product, that is often given for granted, becomes the main ingredient, takes on a leading role in new culinary compositions.

The red thread of the project leads us, in the end, to the ethic side of the medal, as the blown-up image becomes the metaphor of a wider attention seeds are given in relation to the importance of biodiversity and long-term sustainability.

The choice of seeds for the different pictures is made first of all from a photographic perspective (color, structure, shape) and, second, it is based on their rarity and/or specific nutritional characteristics. During the project, they will be clustered by type, if relevant in terms of cluster size

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